Tuesday, December 29, 2009


This is what I do on road trips. Well, this and shoot out the window a lot.

I go thru stages with hobbies/addictions. My knitting looms have been lonely and ignored for several months ~ since my little animals took over anyway. But since it was a little crowded in the Jeep to bring my Janome sewing machine along on this most recent road trip (although my mister offered an adapter and was sure I could keep sewing), I opted for something a little more compact ~ a couple of my knitting looms.

I decided to knit hats (these are small!) for Olympic Bears (both USA and Canadian) I plan as my next "freckles & friends" project ~ and thought I'd knit a few for Valentine's Day as well. (Did I mention addiction?) Well, I get a little obsessed. I not only knit these six, but I think there are about ten or twelve more in a suitcase (knit thruout the trip). So, of course now the challenge is to make the bears to match the hats.

An aside ~~~ My Dad was a man of few words, but I do remember two comments he made to me over the years. One was:
"Cindi, I get tired just watching you run up and down the stairs. Don't you ever sit down?"
"You sure know how to make work for yourself..."
Like I said, he didn't talk much, but he was observant. ;-)

Now back to my story ~~ I found it an incredible coincidence that I picked up my looms for the first time in months and last night I sold a knit hat (people size) on my mister's website (a little plug for www.buyoffseason.com/ ). I had forgotten I had anything listed with him. So isn't that the strangest thing? That I'm finally making hats again and one that I had totally forgotten about sells??

I believe in signs. And I think that's one. I just haven't figured out where the sign is pointing yet...


  1. congrats on the sale :) those tiny hats are so cute :)