Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's the Little Things...

So why am I smiling? Because yesterday I found Fabric Nirvana. I felt as though I had died and gone to Fabric Heaven ~ seriously.Everyone has their thing.

Something that feeds their passion. In the past few months it's been fabric for me ~ and patterns and little puppy dog eyes and noses.

So it surprised me when ~ in the midst of a handmade revival ~ I started seeing fabric stores near me closing. Why, I would ask the ladies. "Because everything is going online." "Hmmm..., " I would reply, "I do a lot of shopping online, but there is something about fabric that I like to touch to my cheek and see the exact hues."

But I caved and started shopping online for my fabrics. They're ok and the prices are ok; but it still can't compare to actually walking thru a well-stocked fabric store. The thrill was gone.

So yesterday as I was out with my sales hat on (scored a consignment gig which I'm very pleased about!), I found a google map I had put in my Jeep awhile back and forgot about. It was to a fabric store about 15 minutes from my home that I had never visited. So, since I felt like celebrating I thought I would check it out.

Well, yay! Once I finally found it (yes, even with a map I'm directionally-challenged), I walked in and smiled from ear to ear. O. M. G. It was huge! Aisle after aisle after aisle of every kind of fabric you can imagine. All surrounded by rows and rows of craft supplies.

Just one example of why I was so excited ~ every fabric store I've been to is carrying NO Christmas fleece. Guess what? This store has a loooooong row of it! And plans to get more!

Fabric Heaven, indeed. I have a feeling it will be my "Cheers" bar; when I walk in they will all shout, "Cindi!"

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