Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Going to the Dogs. And Our Service Men and Women!

Although I only know one soldier personally I have wanted to give back to our service men and women for a long time now. The sacrifices they and their families make to insure our safety and freedom is such a gift.  I wanted to give a gift back.  I just wasn't sure how to do it.

So I talked to some friends, I did some research and I came up with some ideas.  My Wee dogs are pretty popular so I decided perhaps a Wee Military dog would be a good representative.  Then I started thinking about the correlation between dogs and the Military.

So meet Sgt. Woof.  He is here to support two wonderful organizations combining our U.S. military and dogs. America's VetDogs provides service dogs, guide dogs and military therapy dogs to veterans and active duty personnel in need. Nowzad is an organization that rescues stray and abandoned dogs in Afghanistan particularly to reunite dogs who were "adopted" by service personnel during their deployment and brings them to the U.S. to live permanently with the "adopted parent" soldier. 

If you adopt Sgt. Woof 20% of his purchase price will be split between these two organizations.

So if you love dogs and if you are grateful for all our service men and women and their families, I would love to send a Sgt. Woof (or two or ten) your way!


  1. This is wonderful! What a heart-warming way to help!

  2. Seriously Sgt. Woof is awesome! It's great your supporting our troops. Keep up the good work!!! I found you on one of the Etsy blog teams.

    FYI I'm your 100th follower. Sweet.