Sunday, June 20, 2010

Why I Love What I Do.

With our first Sidewalk Fair behind us (and what fun it was!), I was reminded of another reason I love doing what I do. I got to see a few kids interact with my Wee Ones and the smiles on their little faces, the conversations we had about the foods the Wee Ones like and observing the indecision... do I want a pink dog or a penguin ~~ reminded me that I am fortunate to be creating some childhood memories for little ones.

Arabella, the happy owner of 5 Wee Ones, may just remember the conversation about how I come up with names for them all. Hunter, although only a wee one himself (about a year old) won't remember me, but he may carry his Wee monkey thruout his childhood.

It got me thinking about my first (and favorite) stuffed animal ~ a dog named Floppy. He's around here somewhere... and over 50 years old.

Reading this assured me I'm not the only one with fond memories. And just a bit of sentimentality.

It's why I do what I do. And why I love what I do.

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